Our boarding service operates on a 24 hour day starting at the time of check-in. A partial daycare fee is charged on stays exceeding 24 hours on the last day based on the following schedule:

  • 0 – 3 hours: $8.00
  • 3 – 6 hours: $14.00
  • Over 6 hours: $20.00

The partial daycare fee does not apply to boarding stays exceeding 5 consecutive nights.

Boarding reservations may be cancelled without charge if we receive notice 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival. Cancellations within the notice period are subject to a fee of $30 per dog. If you cancel your Holiday reservation AFTER you have paid your deposit, you will only receive your deposit back if we are able to fill your spot. Thank you for understanding.

Well socialized dogs will play in larger groups and spend up to 70% of their time outside, weather permitting. Dogs not suitable for group play will spend the same amount of time outside in a yard without other dogs. Our staff makes sure to spend plenty of time with every dog in our care. 

We require Rabies, Bordetella, Parvo-Virus and Distemper (the latter two often referred to as DHPP or a derivative thereof). We do not require the Canine Influenza vaccine, but we strongly recommend it. We need to have a copy of the veterinary vaccination record, paper or electronic. Most veterinary records contain a reminders section noting the expiration date of the vaccinations. Most vets are happy to email this information to us.

A titer is a laboratory test that measures antibodies in the dog’s blood and it may be used to prove immunity to disease. We accept positive titer test results in lieu of the vaccination, provided that, we receive a copy of the Lab Report which must include the test type, exact values, signature of Lab technician and date.

We can administer prescription medications, provided that, you provide the medications in the original container with the pharmacy label, Veterinarian’s name and instructions. For non-prescription supplements, we need your written instructions. Owners are encouraged to carefully complete the medications section of their dog’s online registration as that is the best way to provide us with the instructions for your dog’s medications.

We strongly encourage owners to provide enough of their dog’s regular food adequate for their length of stay. All dry food should be provided in individual meal portions in zip lock bags. The best way to provide us with feeding instructions is to compete the feeding section of the dog’s online registration. Large bags and containers may be subject to additional charge.

We will provide an all natural dry food that contains no corn, soy, gluten or wheat. The charge for kennel provided meals is $3.00 per meal for small dogs (under 40 lbs.) and $4.00 for large dogs.

We provide a cot and clean bed for each dog. Owners may bring additional or replacement bedding that is easily washable in case of an accident. We ask that you do not bring your dogs favorite toys, as sometimes they get torn up or lost. If you do bring toys or bones from home, please be sure it is something that you are comfortable with your dog having in his kennel while unattended. 

We encourage prospective customers to come and tour our facility. Tours are offered by reservation any day between 10AM and 3PM.

We require that new customers schedule a Meet and Greet with their pup so that we can assess the dogs level of socialization and get to know them before he or she comes for their first stay. They are not required to be dog friendly to sytay with us, but they must be people friendly so that we are able to care for them

We do not restrict any dog breed from boarding, daycare or grooming services. We assess the temperament of each dog to determine suitability for group play and to otherwise establish a plan for each dog’s stay.

For all holiday periods, boarding will be increased by $10.00 per dog. This covers the additional costs we incur during full occupancy periods.

For the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays there is a 3 day minimum boarding requirement.

Daycare is closed during holiday periods.

For 2024 our Holiday periods are:

  • Spring Break: March 29 - April 8
  • Memorial Day: May 24 – May 28
  • July 4th: July 3 – July 8
  • Labor Day: August 30 – September 3
  • Thanksgiving: November 27 – December 2
  • Winter Holiday: December 23 – January 2


Customers who have registered on our online portal can book and manage boarding reservations online. We also accept reservations by email at – info@laureloakfarm.net - or by phone at 980-859-7935. We suggest emailing or calling to make reservations. 



Registered customers can request daycare reservations by phone and email only. Reservations are confirmed by email.

Daycare is subject to available space. Reservations beyond one week can be cancelled if space is not available.


Haircut Grooming:

Reservations for a grooming with a haircut are best made online under the Services tab>Grooming>Schedule Haircut Appointment. The groomer’s available days and time slots are highlighted on a monthly calendar. Select the day and time you want and complete the online reservation request. Be sure to enter the dog’s name, owner’s name, email and mobile phone. Reservations can also be made by email or phone request.


No Haircut Grooming:

Kennel Wash and Dry services can be requested online under the Services tab>Dog Wash & Dry>Book a Grooming Appointment or by phone or email.

Click on the “Client Signup” button at the bottom of our website. Enter customer and dog information as required and sign the online Dog Services Agreement. Once vaccination records are confirmed customers can book boarding and daycare.


There is not a minimum age, but they must have had their Rabies vaccine for at least 28 days before their first visit with us.

No, we do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered. But, it may limit who your dog is allowed to socialize with during their stay. Females in heat can not come to daycare or boarding under any circumstances.

Our cameras are for security purposes and don’t provide ideal viewing of dogs. Instead we take photos and videos of our guests and post to our Facebook page throughout the day. We aim to capture images of all our guests daily but as some days are significantly busier than others, they are not guaranteed. Our priority is the happiness and safety of your furry family member. 

We offer a 5% Military discount for active duty, retired and active first responders. We thank all of you for your service.


How do I reset my user name and password on Pet Exec?

If you forget your use name, contact the kennel and we can provide that to you.

To reset your password, on the Pet Exec login screen click on Forgot Password. This will take you to the reset password screen. Enter the email associated with your account and click on Request Password Reset. You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to create a new password and then access the system.

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

We do not offer daycare on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Truly care about your little fur baby as if they are their own while your away. — Jennifer C. on Facebook


7AM to 7PM Mon - Fri

9AM to 6PM Sat & Sun