September 2023 Newsletter


Dear Valued Customers, 


It has been a long time since we have updated you on our progress and important considerations for our customers. The goal of this communication is to ensure effective kennel operations and a favorable experience for our customers and especially your dogs. For this reason, the number of topics and length of this newsletter is a little more than normal.


New Developments


The kennel was able to acquire the land between our driveway and the new fire station. Last month, our rezoning petition to allow an additional facility was approved. We are now beginning the planning process.


We will be making roadway improvements as soon as we can acquire permits. This will include curb and gutter, storm drainage and a sidewalk on the west side of our driveway that will connect to the fire station. This will fix the storm water collection at our driveway entrance.


The new facility will allow us to expand the daycare program and better accommodate peak demand on weekends and holidays. 


Price Schedule


Across the board increases in our business operating costs cause us to adjust our price schedule effective September 15, 2023. The basic fee schedule can be found on our website – The complete price schedule is available in our office.


Price adjustments do not impact existing packages until they are used up and then renewed. Boarding reservations made before September 15 and concluding on or before October 31 will be subject to the old fee schedule. The new fee schedule will apply to all boarding commencing on November 1.


2024 Holiday Schedule


The 2024 holiday schedule can be found in the FAQ section of our website.


Important Considerations for Customers


Following is a list of business issues that we want to bring to the attention of our customers.




Presently we are not accepting new daycare customers and we have a wait list of 50 registered customers awaiting a place in the daycare program. Unfortunately, many daycare reservations are not actually arriving (no shows). This takes a spot away from another dog and harms the kennel economically.


We are implementing a new policy with respect to no shows. Customers will be allowed 3 no shows without consequence. After that any further no shows will be deducted from the daycare package or subject to the daycare charge. Other restrictions may apply.


Early Arrival


We will not accept dogs into our facilities before our posted opening times of 7:00 AM weekdays and 9:00AM on weekends. Prior to opening, our staff has their hands full caring for overnight boarding dogs. If you arrive early, expect to wait until the opening hour to enter the facility. 


Cancellation Fee


We resisted the cancellation fee as long as we could. The growth in our customer base and our tight capacity has caused customers to make reservations well in advance. We encourage this even though some of these reservations have been “placeholders” which customers have neglected to cancel when they see it is not needed. Untimely cancellations cause us losses we cannot recover.


Our cancellation policy is;


Cancellations made 3 or more days prior to the boarding start can be made without charge. Cancellations made within 3 days are subject to a $50.00 fee.


Pet Exec


We use a cloud based online operating system called Pet Exec. This system handles reservations, invoicing, customer and dog information and many other features critical to our operation.


Customers can access this system online through a customer portal. To make it even more convenient for customers to access this system we have added a mobile app. Effective September 15 , customers can go the Apple or Android app store to search and download the Pet Exec app for free. Your customer portal user name and password provide access to the app. With this app customers can easily check on future reservations keep track of packages, check vaccination status and review prior activity.


Increasing customer awareness and acceptance of the Pet Exec online capabilities is important to our effort to increase capacity because it frees staff to care for dogs and reduces their time on the phone or email handling customer inquiry which can easily be achieved through customer access to the portal or mobile app.


We encourage all registered customers now using or planning to use our kennel to review all their information contained in the customer and dog sections of Pet Exec. Many contact numbers are invalid and many emergency contacts are not provided. Please do not list yourself as the emergence contact.


If you have misplaced tour login credentials for Pet Exec please visit our website and you will find instructions to recover your login credentials in the FAQ section.




All dogs entering the kennel are required to have the following vaccinations; Rabies, Parvo Virus, Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough). We must have on file evidence of vaccinations or the dog will not be allowed entry. Our Pet Exec system provides customers an email notice well in advance of expiring vaccinations. If you are unsure of your dog’s vaccination status you can easily see that in Pet Exec.


The kennel cough season is approaching. To maintain the health and safety of all dogs in our care, the Vaccination Policy has zero tolerance for any exception.


Regrettably, dogs arriving for which we do not have effective proof of vaccination, will not be allowed to enter the kennel.




We encourage boarding customers to provide their dogs food to maintain some consistency in their daily routine. The very best way to provide dry food is in single meal disposable zip lock bags or similar disposable container, with the dog’s first and last name clearly marked.


Large bags or containers are difficult and inefficient for us to handle. We are implementing a $5.00 daily charge for dry food provided this way. Please do not include measuring cups, we have plenty and yours will likely not make it home with you. All bags or containers must have the dogs first and last name clearly marked.


Canned, wet or refrigerated food may be provided in individual containers if clearly marked with the dog’s name.


When customers provide separate written instructions for feeding, our staff has to enter that information in Pet Exec which is our exclusive resource for feeding. Customers should ensure that the feeding instructions in Pet Exec are current and accurate.







We offer kennel cots and high quality bedding. Customers are welcome to bring bedding, blankets, toys and other dog belongings. All such items should be machine washable and clearly marked with the dogs first and last name. Although we will do our very best to ensure belongs are returned we can not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of belongings.

Leashes have become a problem as our occupancy has grown. We encourage you not to leave your dog’s leash at the kennel, even though there are hooks for them. We will not be responsible for any leashes that are left at the kennel.


Thank You


We want our customers to know that we appreciate your business tremendously. We also ask for your assistance to make our dog kennel the best it can be and patience as we work to expand to meet the needs of this growing community.




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