Our guests will stay in comfortable and clean kennels that will provide the utmost health, safety and quality of life standards. Every dog will receive multiple attended trips outside for bathroom and exercise breaks plus the option to participate in group play activities. Lots of love and cuddles are always included. 

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What's Included?

  • On leash outdoor time in our natural areas
  • Off-leash exercise play in our dog yard
  • Group play activities
  • Free bath for dogs who stay more than 3 consecutive nights


  • One Dog: $42/night
  • 2 Dogs, same kennel: $73/night
  • 3 Dogs, same kennel: $99/night

Boarding Packages

  • 10 day boarding package - 1 dog:  $380
  • 20 day boarding package - 1 dog:  $750
  • 10 day boarding package - 2 dogs:  $700
  • 20 day boarding package - 2 dogs:  $1375

Partial Daycare

A partial daycare fee is charged on boarding stays exceeding 24 hours (from check-in time) on the last day based on the following schedule:

  • 0–3 hours: $6.00
  • 3–6 hours: $12.00
  • Over 6 hours: $18.00


  • All dogs must be assessed by our manager or owner prior to your dog’s first reservation. 
  • We offer customized pricing for recurring and extended boarding, subject to availability.
  • Additional, individualized outdoor exercise sessions are $10.00 for 30 minutes.
  • Additional charges may apply for special needs dogs, including in-tact dogs, non-social dogs and geriatric dogs.

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